Hi, I am Yo-Yoon.

I was born as the last of four children in Korea, and came to US in 1967. I married Young, my sweet-heart from Korea, in the same year in Boston. 

We moved around and came back to Boston in 1984 and still live there.

I love ham radio, tinkering with computers (hardware and software), reading science-religious books, and a frustrating sport(?) called golf.

Here are some of my stories in pictures -


My 100-day old and one year old pictures -



During the Korean War (1950~1953) in Taeku

With mother side grandma, Eun-gul Yoon 

With ham radio friends in Korea - To see my ham radio story click <
Ham Radio> here

Other Korean pictures



Young and I once first met when were teenagers.
Then we met again 1964 - To see how the story develops, click <
Yo-Yoon & Young> here.









Came to US, 1967


Married in Boston, 1967

To see more wedding pictures, click <Yo-Yoon & Young> here.







TV interviews -

On "What's My Line", KBS, Korea, 1967

 Evening News, WIS TV, Columbia SC, 1972

The Cho brother and Lexus -

 The three Cho brothers: Yohan (1st), Yo-Yoon (3rd) and Yosung (2nd) met September of 1999,
only to find out that they all had the same colored and the same model Lexuses.  





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