Yo-Yoon & Young



Hi, we are Yo-Yoon and Young.

We  first met when were teenagers once. Then we met again in 1964 when Young worked briefly at Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL). Yo-Yoon was one of KARL directors. We started dating in 1965. Yo-Yoon came to US in September of 1967, and Young followed two months later. We married at Thanksgiving of that year in Boston. 

We lived in Columbia, SC and Pittsburgh, PA, then came back to Boston in 1984, and still live there. We have four wonderful children and one grand-child.

Here are some of our stories in pictures -


When we dated in Korea in 1965~1967



Married in Boston, 1967









Our Firsts in time-line -

Our First Christmas, 1967

Our First Car, 1968

Our First Child, Esther(Mimi), 1969

Our First House, West Columbia, SC, 1971
Snow covered - Southern Blizzard of 1972


First House We Built, Pittsburgh, 1974




 Three children were born
in Pittsburgh
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Michelle, 1974 


Melissa, 1976


Abe, 1978 


We built our house in Boston and moved in 1984.
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Natick House> to see more



We traveled and discovered -

Korean War Memorial in Paris


At Hsuan-chin's wedding in Singapore,
their "Pae-Baek"




 San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico

China trip with top management of Stone & Webster



   Opening Ceremony of  Olympic Handicaps





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