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Alan and Michelle's Wedding -


Alan and Michelle are getting married in Bar Harbor Maine on August 11, 2002.

Congratulations and God's blessings on them.

You may click here to visit their wedding info site 


We are moving -

After 18 years, we are finally moving! Our final day in the Natick house is August 16.

We are building a new house in Ashburn, VA, near Washington, D.C. It is in a gated golf course community, Belmont Coutry Club. Our backyard adjoins 6th fairway.

6th Fairway, 444 yards Par 4
Belmont Country Club



Celebrating 60th Birthday -


In the first week of February, Yo-Yoon and Young returned from their Korea trip, only to find out that the children had prepared a combined birthday party for them. All children and their boyfriends have joined in this two-day fun filled celebration.

Yo-Yoon and Young traveled to play golf in Florida for one week, then another week in DC to see the cherry blossom at the Tidal Basin.

Melissa, Sang, Abe, Tobias, Young, Yo-Yoon, Esther, Alan, Tom and Michelle

The cherry blossoms peak for only three days.


View to the independent monument.


View to the Jefferson Memorial  

Publishing Ewha Woman's University Alumnae Boston Journal -


Young is the chairperson of the board directors of Ewha Woman's University Alumnae Association of Boston. As last year, she typed and edited the 44-page annual journal (Year 2002) which has been just published.

She manages Ewha USA web site:

You may also visit her own page, Young's home page.

David and Sarra's Wedding -

David married Sarra on Sunday, December 30, 2001 in New Jersey. It was a beautiful wedding. Welcome to the family Sarra!

It was a third wedding of our family in 2001. Another excellent opportunity for the family members get together and have fun. The next day, except David and Sarra on their honeymoon, we all had the first night together at Yosung's.

David and Sarra with David's parent 


With some of the David side family


 Sang (Melissa's boyfriend), Melissa and Abe


Young, Yosoon and Chi-Ming


Tobias' First Birthday -


Tobias learned to walk before his first birthday, October 19, 2001. He started showing-off of dancing and spinning. He actually had three birthday parties: one with his friends from the church; one at his home in Medway; one with Tom's parent in Ohio. You are invited to visit Tobias's home page.

Hsuan-min and Blythe's Wedding -

Hsuan-min and Blythe's wedding was on Friday, October 12, 2001 in Chicago. Yo-Yoon and Young drove from Boston. It was a beautiful wedding. It was the second wedding of our family in 2001 and was an excellent opportunity for the family members get together again. It rained the before and after, but the wedding day was nice. Welcome Blythe to the family!


Blythe and her father



Hsuan-min side family



Hsuan-min and Blythe with Hsuan-yin and parent


The Cho side family


 Brian and Erin's Wedding -


<-- Brian and Erin with the Cho side family

Brian and Erin's wedding was on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001 in New Jersey. It was a beautiful wedding and was an excellent occasion for the families to get together. Hsuan-yin flew from LA, and Yosoon from Arizona. A number friends

came from far distances such as from Korea.

We all have rediscovered the togerthernees and the meaning of family in life.

Welcome Brian to the family!


Brian and Erin with Erin's parent

Brian and Erin with Brian's parent


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