I am one year and three months old now.

I am good at running, dancing and spinning.

But, I love playing piano most. Grandma taught me to use fingers instead of palms, or feet (I used to be a good foot piano player! - see below)

I like dropping golf balls onto grandpa's putting machine and watch them flying out.



I became one year old on October 19, 2001. I had three birthday parties - one with friends from church, another with uncles and grandparents in our Medway home, and then the third one with my other grandparents in Ohio.



My pick was the "money", then a "bow", and a "pen".


My mom and dad were really proud of me

With grandpa and grandma


With uncle Harry and uncle Abe

When I was 6-month old -




 I started playing foot piano.


 And, I really loved all those different tunes.

When I was 4-month old -  

I was baptised.

This picture became the wall paper of
grandma's computer.


When I was 2-day old -





 When I was in my mommy's tummy (D - 5 months) -











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