Hi, I am Melissa.
After graduating Dartmouth, I worked a year in Manhattan and another year in Chicago. Then I decided to go to a law school. I am in my first year at Law, Univ. of IL, Champaign.

I love art, sewing, and making / creating things.

Here are some of my pictures -




I love my two older-sisters, Mimi (Esther) and  Michelle, and my younger brother, Abe.




When I was one

I got a big cake

When I was two and Abe was one







When I was five, with my dancing team, and ...

work like dad, and

fly like a bird

With my sister and best friend, Michelle

Blowing my sixth birthday candles

With braces


 When I was young, I loved being on top of a big rock. As I grew older, I became a little scared being on the top, especially if it were a cliff.



San Juan,  Puerto Rico

When I was at Dartmouth

When they shrunk me



 With my boy-friend, Sang































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