Hi, I am Abe.

After graduating UMass, I started working at Advent International in Boston. Eventhough I worked before at Pratt&Whiteney for six moths, it was under coop program, and this is my first full time job.

I live in Somerville near Boston, about 25 miles from my parents.

I love being with people, music - electric guiter, and electronic stuffs..

Here are some of my pictures -


6-month old in dad's chair

First Christmas

My first birthday



When I was two -


Tried to shave like dad and ...


With Dad


Apple picking with mom


Playing with my sisters

When I got a little older -


Computer games


Flying like a bird


Singing 'Phantom of Opera'


With a ball


Showing off Taekwondo skills

 Another Taekwondo form

My first wheels 


My first four wheels 


When I dressed up earlier


When I dressed up later



  Haloween outing whith Melissa

  Snorkeling whith Melissa in Puerto Rico

Relaxing at Puerto Rican beach 

Natick High graduation 

Playing for a charity with my band 'Pirates'




My <dot com> venture -

I started a .com venture with my room-mate from my dorm. It is not doing as well as we had hoped - especailly after the tech market collaps.

However, it was an excellent opportunity for us to learn many things in starting a venture.





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